With a dedication and passion for perfection, two brothers embarked on a journey to build a supercar combining the body to rival a Ferrari and the handling to surpass most supercars. Their passion has seen them develop one of the quickest and lightest track cars in the world today, the Spartan 

Close your eyes for just a moment and imagine…

The sound of a Honda Type-R engine as it bursts into life. Feel the vibrations as your senses go into overload… you are focused… your heart is pounding and… your palms have started to sweat.

Catapulted forward your mind is struggling to keep up with the sheer acceleration as your body takes control and you realise for the very first time what it means to be ‘at one with the car’.

The Honda engine is at the heart and soul of this very special car. Combined with its super-lightweight construction, low centre of gravity and spectacular braking, it makes for one hell of a drive.

Designed for the purist wanting the ultimate driving experience, the Spartan has been born and bred as a true roadster with no roof, no doors and just a small speedster-style windscreen. The car has been designed for one thing only... to go fast, be fun and offer the driver a huge adrenalin rush.

The Spartan will be limited to just 300 units... order one now.

Email: enquiries@spartan-v.com

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